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Welcome to Triathlon Illustrated. We are a video production team dedicated to those who play—and compete—for the love of sport.

Our mission is to capture the spirit of the game, take you inside the competition, and share the wisdom of experienced triathletes—all through the magic of video.


Our Home

The TI team is based in Hawaii, the cradle and home of the Ironman. The beauty of the islands has taught us to value aesthetics, and we will bring this to bear in each of our productions.


Our Videos

The videos you see above stream from our Triathlon Illustrated YouTube Channel. To view our best-quality, higher resolution video streams, which you will find throughout this website, you'll need to have QuickTime installed on your computer, as well as access to a high-speed Internet connection. Should you encounter technical difficulties with our QuickTime videos (or your Internet connection is slow), we will provide direct access to YouTube video streams as a back-up, with content identical to each corresponding QuickTime video.


Get QuickTime

If you own a Mac, QuickTime should be installed on your computer already. If you're using a PC and don't have QuickTime yet, no worries.

It just takes a few minutes to install and you can download it here, free of charge.


Our Pledge

Whether you're a beginner, an elite racer, or someone in between, our video production team will be working year-round with you in mind. Check back regularly to see our latest pieces. Or, if you prefer, we'll notify you automatically whenever we've posted a new video.


E komo mai.
Welcome to Triathlon Illustrated.

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Triathlon Illustrated Team: Meet our contributors.
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Triathlon Video: Race Coverage
Get inside the competition with triathlon video, shot right on the race course. Triathlon Illustrated—the best seat in the house.
Training for Triathlon
Training for Triathlon: Practical training videos hosted by top-flight triathletes and professionals who get right to the point.
Triathlon Magazine
<i>Triathlon Magazine:</i> Video features from Triathlon Illustrated, showcasing people, places, and narratives that embody the heart and soul of triathlon.
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Check out Triathlon Illustrated's schedule of upcoming races for which we will provide triathlon video coverage.
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Tell us where you'd like us to shoot when we venture outside Hawaii.
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Tell us what you covet most at a triathlon.
Triathlon Video Tutorials
On-screen tutorials that show you how to personalize your triathlon video.

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